The Internet Party of New Zealand

For the record, the Internet Party of New Zealand offers about as much protection for whistleblowers as a firing squad.

William Asiata writes “In regards to an actual litmus test, I agree that there can never be such a simple thing.
However I feel that the equivalent of a “litmus test” can be the resultant emergent quality of all the organisational structures and processes combined into a living organism, a living organisation, if it is constituted and structured in such a way whose purpose is to lead to discernment of “truth/knowledge/information” from the outset. For example most essential at the very basic level of any outlasting organisation would be forums that promote dialogue and consultation, as we have here.
Direct voting on approval and commenting from the membership is also useful to discern a more comprehensive perspective when proposals are made.
The next step would be to set up something like leadership scoreboards of the membership at large which promote the organic democratic structure of an organisation.
-> And here is how leadership scoreboards could actually serve as an essential function to the concept of a “litmus test”. Every voters worldview/perspective is ‘embodied’ in a vote. In essence, those members that receive the highest approval and preference ratings are those members that represent the best convergence of all perspectives by the membership at large. Those high rating members represent the convergence to the approximation of a singularity, the single truth, the uniting of all perspectives to discern the one true reality. The high rating members will generally have proved themselves to the membership through sound ethical, logical, and compassionate conduct – ethos, logos, pathos, and therefore are quite representative of true information.
During the initial establishment of such a system, there will likely be a culture shock to the un-informed sheeples of society, and it may be prone to “celebrity star politics” where everyone just votes for the movie stars, the wealthy and well-known, people showing up all over media, etc.; however with time with the help of spaces dedicated to promoting dialogue the people will gradually become more conscientious, critically engaged, and make sincere votes, even voting for there own friends, brothers, sisters, family, colleagues, those members that have proved themselves in their communities, in the forums and in action, etc. And then we will have finally created conditions where our representatives are finally representatives that represent information, knowledge, and the real truth of reality.

And this is how the whole system of an organisation, of a movement, of a society, is essential to mutually supporting and assisting every other aspect of itself, in order to become a litmus test of truth in and of itself. We must be careful, we must be crafty, we must be wise craftsmen and craftswomen if we want to construct a system that is a true litmus test.

I predict that if we can successfully pull it off, by 2050 at the very latest (in NZ) internet based governance will have totally overrun the public institutions.

Also FYI I noticed my original email to Loomio quoting the excerpts didn’t post the full reference for some reason so I have updated that post.”

Another great post William, but sadly I will be seeking to do so outside of the Internet Party. The executive has chosen to keep Fred Look as secretary and while I am not yet removed from the executive, I see the censorship of a tyrant having his way at the expense of a consitution designed to prevent it, but woefully disregarded.
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Internet Party of New Zealand

My membership discussion regarding the Internet Party seems to revolve around two things they want to see

1) Remove Kim Dotcom
3) Show professional direction (that would include policy committee, assets committee, following constitution correctly and our democracy)

I agree that these two things would lead to another important milestone – being taken seriously by the other political parties and the greater New Zealand public.

While I can, I would like to represent the membership to the best of my ability on the executive of the Internet Party of New Zealand… and in New Zealand politics.

My latest post/response to the desire for a litmus test of political reality, you might like it?

I would recommend the Allegory of the Cave by Socrates, followed by a look at the Making of a Philosopher-King to arrive at the knowledge of Platonic Ideas. If you have a copy of ‘Philosophy made simple’ by Made Simple Books I thoroughly recommend reading the whole thing as soon as possible, though the pages I refer to here are PG180-183. ‘Those who genuinely desire knowledge must be trained to discover the Forms or universals in their minds. But, if, as has been previously claimed by Socrates, learning is not really possible, then the ‘education’ of the future philosopher-kings must be a peculiar process, which does not actually teach them. Instead, what will be done is to train them to recollect the knowledge that is, and always has been, within them.’ This excerpt is followed by sections on Reason, Arithmetic, Geometry, Solid Geometry and Astronomy, Harmonics, the Dialectic, Mathematics and the Dialectic, and Appearance and Reality and Descarte’s [failed] theory of discovering absolutely true knowledge… Contrast with the Maori concept of a chiefly education, perhaps using “Te Rauparaha: A New Perspective”. I am after all, the meetup captain for Porirua-Mana, as well as a member of the executive of the Internet Party of New Zealand, fighting to stay so, AND the aeroplane pilot who flew the folks around that banked (I can presume) Kim Dot Com’s cheque for John Banks… so my ‘experience’ and desire to keep the executive on/off the straight and narrow is constitutionally and democratically based from years of experience with a lot of very different types of people from all professions and walks of life.

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Chinese Investment in Philippines

After about seven months in China and on the eve of my 37th birthday, I have arrived in the Philippines. The food and the environment is leagues better than what I have experienced in Hong Kong in terms of quality, and upon reflection what struck me immediately, was how warm, friendly, and generous with the their time the Philippino people are in contrast to those in Hong Kong. Tonight, enroute to the airport I realise the tremendous wealth that must have been extracted from this nation via the Japanese and Americans since World War 2 to leave the Philippines in abject poverty. There is wealthy and poor like anywhere, but whereas China appears to be genuinely wealthy with distribution issues, there is something very wrong about the situation in the Philippines. Rather than take the time to research my intuition, I am going to propose a solution for debate by scholarly minds. What if we took the conflicted areas between Malaysia and the Philippines (including areas of Malaysia contested and occupied by Philippinos) and leased the prime land and seafront to the Chinese. The extremely wealthy Chinese could then take these areas and build some mansions, and the lease paid for by the Chinese government could be distributed to the Malaysian and the Philippinos, in terms of a basic income, which could solve the worst of the problems experienced in Philippines and elsewhere. Renewable energy backed universal basic income and the idea of immigrants paying top dollar to partake in environmentally superior, spacious lifestyles not afforded in their home countries are two of the first proposals I brought to the Internet Party of New Zealand policy incubator. Could they be applied here and now in the broader context of APEC, the Philippines, Malaysia and China. My intuition says they could, and should, but substitute a land lease for outright purchase and the Chinese government as the leasee over individual Chinese interests. This way, we might promote stability in a region where much is at stake, and do something that will benefit the Philippinos desire for positive change…

Of note in the Philippines-Malaysia territorial dispute from the .pdf above is a reference to two documents and a situation not unlike the Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand:

“The Philippines has laid a dormant claim on the state
of Sabah, and as the presented successor state of the
Sultanate of Sulu, the 1878 agreement translation
stated that North Borneo was only leased to the
British. The British version, however, states that North
Borneo was “grant and cede” to the British.”


Yamashita’s Gold

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Fred Look is not sincere, and is acting unconstitutionally in his role as Secretary of the Internet Party and needs to be disciplined

Unfortunately Fred Look was not sincere in his effort to make me Party Secretary and mentioning it on Loomio only served to re-ignite the existing flame war which began with Michael Marsom’s unconstitutional effort to have me removed from the first constitutional and democratically elected Internet Party executive before its first meeting.

I had hoped Fred Looks first act as secretary would have been to uphold complaints against Tane Harre, Debbie Stanley, Ross Burrows and Dan Van Wylich, which were harming Loomio and the executive at a time when all concerned, including Fred Look were supporting a drive for ‘unofficial’ IC membership.

Rather than form a disciplinary committee as required by section 6.4 of the Internet Party constitution Fred Look has acted on his own to unilaterally censor me from Loomio, and is guilty of misconduct. He has been ineffectual in dealing with the flame war and fallout from the departure of the previous secretary Michael Marsom, and the same four members have continued to exaggerate their falacious arguments. I have not been unreasonable in defending myself, I have not used Marc Whinery’s account to access IC, we have a membership mailing list and Loomio can easily be forked thus the auspices under which Fred has lent support to IC are ungrounded and the need to discuss its integration in our strategy at the executive level is due. Fred Look’s technical ability is also in question: I guarantee I have no problem using Skype and social media to present documentation.

By not protecting the executive and being impartial to those making the attacks Tanne Harre, Debbie Stanley, Ross Burrows and Dan Van Wylich and topics of complaint I am forced to ask that secretary Fred Look steps down from his role as Secretary and leaves the party.

Under section 6.8 of the constitution only a disciplinary committee (of four executive members, Party President, Party Secretary, and two executive members democratically elected by the executive to the role according to section 6.4) have the jurisdiction to discipline members, including censorship on Loomio, not Fred.

Because of this misconduct I am asking all members old and new to write in support of my election to the role of secretary and the removal of Fred Look from the Internet Party Executive by cc’ing the members of the executive,,,,, and as well as

Had the secretaries of our party spent the same amount of time working with me as they have trying to have me removed and/or censored unconstitutionally from it’s executive we would already have the new and a forked Loomio underway incorporating some form of live polling, and already furthered our formation of the policy and asset committees constitutionally required.

To remove Fred Look from the executive, under section 8 of the constitution would be in the best interests of a constitutional and democratic Internet Party which is something I am still fighting tooth and nail to achieve.

Thanks for your support. It has never been so urgent.

Fred Look’s latest bid to have me removed tried to do so with only three hours notice, under section 8 of the constitution it requires ten days.

Fred, if you are reading this, you may have been a good Green Party secretary, but the Internet Party is not a splinter of the Labour Party, or the Greens, and is about collaboration and innovation and needs young, technically literate and strategic thinkers like myself more than it needs you. I am not saying the Internet Party is the be all and end all of my technocratic strategies, far from it, but it is sufficient to use as an example.

My letter dated April 21st 2015 to Fred Look:
Hi Fred (and the executive), I can only be productive when you CC email communications. I believe as I have  pre-existing relationship with the old internet party and technical ability, I was instrumental in getting you that list… I also believe that the logins are not forthcoming because of concerns for/against IC and the way in which we will reface and refactor the Of course, my belief, as yours is based on the very limited information available to either of us. If you were genuine in your offer of secretary, which I believe you were, I am asking you relinquish this role, and work with me to get the return done. I was elected, as you were, and besides a few rowdy’s in Loomio (whom I will continue to show are unqualified, and unsubstantial in their efforts against the silent, and thoughtful, masses) the rest will show similar contempt for Laila if they knew the situation she has left us in. I believe it is the executive that needs to tell the truth. Laila has played her cards and lost, we need to thoughtfully consider the strategies I have put forward, yes, I have energy, and am not afraid slow to call a nasty peice of work when I see it, but I am a slow, thorough and methodical thinker. Besides my strategy, we don’t have an Internet Party. I do hope you continue to think through my suggestions, from starting to issue unanimous executive press releases, the first to thank Colin Smith and acknowledge our official forums are still operational, “Occupy the Internet”, renewable energy credit UBI, water rights, “500”, because there is a long term plan that is not all about the return, and I am only standing firm to what I was elected for and on.
James Abbott
Internet Party Executive

My letter dated May 10th 2015 to Fred Look:
Fred, there is no need for me to be censored for Iris Cafe, (which I don’t use) or Loomio. By not providing me with an email address I cannot work on Internet Party while in mainland China. I have heard from Mickee. I am really concenred that you have no mandate for your moving us from Loomio (which we could fork and put on the site) to IC. Infact, if IC doesn’t comply with the executive decision making and you are supporting it, I fear for the constitutional democracy of the Internet Party as a whole. I have been strategising for a party, this party, for the last ten years. If you continue to exclude me I and early supporters of this party will not be able to recognise it. It is not the Green Party 🙂 It is something different. Please respond via Skype.
James Abbott
Internet Party Executive

References to my discussion with Loomio as of April 23 2015:
I just had an excellent Skype with Loomio. Here is the Loomio roadmap
Follow up meeting is with the opensource coordinator Suggestions from them, they can send us some metrics, some feature costings in terms of developer time for the innovations we have suggested, this forum on handling Loomio participation…/tips-for-loomio-coordinators, and links to workshops they run. Forking Loomio for our use was suggested as an option, features we develop ourselves could then be integrated back into the mainline.

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How cross am I? This cross! Discuss with me before May 13th…

Today I tried unsuccessfully to buy a replacement pair of headphones on Lamma Island. I was told politely by the child that the headphones in question belonged to his mother and he couldn’t possibly sell them. The fact that a child knows what is his to sell and what is not, and our Prime Minister doesn’t makes me really cross.

How cross? This cross via my earlier facebook post:

Those in the know destroyed the middle class and no one gives a #$@# for an equitable solution that takes into account environmental and ecological economics, are we #$#@ doomed? New Zealand is being butchered to the highest phoney fiat bidder, farms, homes, water, a way of life, and we can do nothing..?

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Many to one, one to one. I would like to discuss and take guidance as we head to our next executive meeting May 13th

Mass surveillance was complicit in the 2008 financial crisis. The US government allowed 911 to happen. George Bush set events in motion that destroyed the middle class, and John Key is attempting to do the same in New Zealand. Asset sales prove that non-binding referenda in this country doesn’t work, and our democracy isn’t what it is cracked up to be. As a democratically elected member of the Internet Party executive, I want to know what you would have us do? For this reason, I want to reengage with the meetup community, with a one to one or many to one, via my skype nzadrenalinejunky1… I would like to discuss and take guidance as we head to our next executive meeting May 13th, and am willing to discuss my political journey, for those of you who havn’t heard it from me before.

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UBI and UDHR25.1

Let’s work together people, this is an individuals initiative, and does not necessarily reflect the view of the Internet Party executive. I would appreciate your feedback on UBI. This from the UN on UBI and UDHR25.1 (via, for feedback, from members and the exec):

Dear Mr. Abbott

With apologies for our late response this is to acknowledge your kind email to UNDP Administrator Helen Clark. Regretfully in her current position, Ms. Clark is not able to assist with this initiative.

I wish you all the best.


Sharon Kinsley

Deputy Chief of Staff and Deputy Director

UNDP Executive Office of the Administrator

From: James Abbott []
Sent: Friday, March 27, 2015 9:23 AM
To: Helen Clark
Subject: I’m assuming you are still a member of the Labour party? UBI and UDHR25.1

Dear Helen,
Will you please help me adopt a UBI based on a renewable energy credit, restoring the value of things through thermoeconomic and environmental economics precepts, both usury and inflation free as a secondary domestic legal tender credit which might exist in a kiwibank account for each New Zealander?

This is line with the UDHR25.1 and supported regionally by the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration 2012. This is something I have researched and acted strongly in favour of since around 2005 when I saw issues in the oil industry favouring a refocus to renewables, and problems with consumption based growth and fiat currencies at odds with human quality of life and environmental concerns. I have lobbied for its support through the Occupy Wall Street movement, and through the Internet Party Policy Incubator, and through Gareth Morgan, although I am the one promoting it as a renewable energy credit not unlike (although this is a commodity) and on early work from the technocracy movement in the 30’s. I am now an executive member of the Internet Party of New Zealand, a member of the SGI, and also a member of the Labour party.


James Abbott

Pro Patria Amicis

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