Celebrate what you have. Transcend materialism and enjoy it all.


Today is quite exciting. I get to share my favourite movies of all time!


Interstellar: The Earth is awesome but its time we went beyond it.


Cypher: We are more than our present job.


Equilibrium: Our friends are great but its important to have the courage to stand up for what makes us unique.

Ok so its really hard to pick the top three. We are in the middle (Cypher). At a crossroads. Lets chose the Star Trek, Jetson future (Interstellar).

Knowing, Rocky III, and Star Trek “A Voyage Home” just missed.

Cooper is a lot like me (@AbbottMaverick) 😉

So where am I? Yes, have been in India again even attended Osho International to pitch some AR/VR meditation and mindfulness titles.

It’s been a while and our mobile game for iOS and AppStore SmashingCricket in dev since 2008 by a VUW Alumnus and Indian national is enroute for release May 30th. I have a 5% revenue share and can aquire more.

I am doing its business development in India and I have been able to share some meditative insights there and elsewhere.

I still need 20k (more than ever) up to 100M M&A and growth investment capital for RealWorld – “Reality Virtualised for the Real You” Limited.

I want to make a new type of passenger drone, and I will wager its way cooler than anything you are currently thinking.

I want to build our AR/VR offerings for Cardboard, Oculus, Hololens and the Vive.

Here is the link to SmashingCricket promotional video.


Cheers! @AbbottMaverick


About James Abbott, RealWorld (@AbbottMaverick)

There are more visionaries than you have mentioned and more visions than visionaries. Many visions are shared but bubble up to the people with the cash to implement them. Often these people aren’t visionaries at all and delay the vision or cripple it in some fundamental way. I am a visionary. I came up with the ideas behind Ipod in 1998, Uber in 2003, Internet Party/Loomio in 2010, Fove in 2013. So what to do? Two things, first is tell everyone about them so that no one can claim it was theirs. The second, implement the vision as only the visionary can. Also, be aware that there are people in positions of trust in New Zealand, posing as ‘mentors’, ‘investors’, ‘patent clerks’, ‘lawyers’, and ‘bankers’ who will just rip you off and send your idea overseas. Use this to your advantage and build value for New Zealand, hence my proposal New Zealand iParty
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