Organised criminals, miscreants and trouble makers gaining residence in New Zealand

It is a sad month for the nation of New Zealand that we roll over and play dead for the organised criminals, miscreants and trouble makers coming to our shores. What is worse is the governments willingness to ignore their transgressions or the fuss they make with their underbelly associates even allowing this filth to obtain permanent residency. I suppose standing up for human rights, truth and democracy makes one a target, so I get to see more of the shit than many others. I saw a cartoon some months ago in which the sheep were being shorn oblivious to the coming winter. Well, it’s time to wake up sheeple. Rise up, stand up, fight for your human rights. It’s not too late for a parallel domestic currency based on a renewable energy credit as an unconditional basic income, and it sure as hell isn’t soon enough to start protecting each other from the vitriolic assault and garbage of the floundering drug cartels. Those at the bottom are becoming more desperate, as those at the top are caught red handed in boiler room money laundering schemes.


About James Abbott, RealWorld (@AbbottMaverick)

There are more visionaries than you have mentioned and more visions than visionaries. Many visions are shared but bubble up to the people with the cash to implement them. Often these people aren’t visionaries at all and delay the vision or cripple it in some fundamental way. I am a visionary. I came up with the ideas behind Ipod in 1998, Uber in 2003, Internet Party/Loomio in 2010, Fove in 2013. So what to do? Two things, first is tell everyone about them so that no one can claim it was theirs. The second, implement the vision as only the visionary can. Also, be aware that there are people in positions of trust in New Zealand, posing as ‘mentors’, ‘investors’, ‘patent clerks’, ‘lawyers’, and ‘bankers’ who will just rip you off and send your idea overseas. Use this to your advantage and build value for New Zealand, hence my proposal New Zealand iParty
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