Something extraoridnary just happened

In the process of sending an ex Stanford Professor a link from Save Our Sea, itself an excellent source of information for saving the ocean that sustains us I realised its true significance. Years ago I was driving a tour group around on a 4WD LOTR safari and they wanted to know why the clouds were so white in Summer here. I told them clean water, healthy oceans, which only made so much sense, then I mentioned that ocean acidification hurts the phytoplankton and other trying to survive. Phytoplankton cause phosphorescense and its beautiful. Actually our oceans are teaming with the building blocks of life on this planet and invariably, they sustain not just the larger life forms in the ocean but even ourselves. So now we are taking so much biomass from the ocean that the natural buffers can’t stop the excess carbon from being dissolved and destroying all life on earth.

But, wht about climate change? If we saved the oceans we still wouldn’t halt that. But what if we could. Could increased reflectivity of cloud actually buy us some time? I believe it could. How tiny plankton can brighten the clouds
You see I have visionary, guided dreams, and then I think while fasting and awake and gain insights. I think that is something we should all do more of. Incredibly, I was in the crowded airbnb washroom of my female flatmate in Hong Kong (you know what I mean – not enough room to move without knocking something over) taking a leak when this occurred to me. I had to stay perfectly still as I had accidentally half knocked over a line of her toiletaries and they were precariously balancing on the edge of the shelf and caught by my right hand. I knew even if I moved my left hand to support them they would invariably fall into the bowl, so I had to finish what I was doing and close the bowl so that this could not occur. Then I realised, the environmental metaphor that had just unfolded and decided to write this blog post. The toiletaries and cosmetics and chemicals on the shelf were like the carbon and toxic plastics killing our oceans. The toilet bowl was the ocean, and the right and left arms were the climate scientists and ocean researchers. By putting the focus on the ocean, the phytoplankton increase the reflectivity of our clouds, and carry on sustaining life, life important to all, because we don’t want to mess up our clouds with chemicals any more than our oceans, if we are going to achieve our greatest awakenings, visions and aspirations of the divine.

Focusing our attentions back on the oceans (closing the bowl) buys us time. If we lose the oceans protection, we are in deep shit, regardless of climate change.


About James Abbott, RealWorld (@AbbottMaverick)

There are more visionaries than you have mentioned and more visions than visionaries. Many visions are shared but bubble up to the people with the cash to implement them. Often these people aren’t visionaries at all and delay the vision or cripple it in some fundamental way. I am a visionary. I came up with the ideas behind Ipod in 1998, Uber in 2003, Internet Party/Loomio in 2010, Fove in 2013. So what to do? Two things, first is tell everyone about them so that no one can claim it was theirs. The second, implement the vision as only the visionary can. Also, be aware that there are people in positions of trust in New Zealand, posing as ‘mentors’, ‘investors’, ‘patent clerks’, ‘lawyers’, and ‘bankers’ who will just rip you off and send your idea overseas. Use this to your advantage and build value for New Zealand, hence my proposal New Zealand iParty
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