Planning for the change

TBH now I have risen to the highest echelons of the Internet Party, I’m looking to have more influence, to say a party in actual government.

The ride was a blast, from pre-selection candidate to volunteer, to meetup Captain, to the Party Party and the election night and everything in between!

The rise to the executive was vicious, and tiring. Sixteen hour days on forums and listening to members views from across the spectrum, expensive too, thousands of volunteer hours devoted to the Internet Party since early last year, and my University fees unrecovered.

One thing is certain. I will continue to do whatever is best to raise the importance of wealth equality, sustainable environment, sharing economy, UBI and housing.

The SGI is one such body headed by the British High Commisioner… I believe… but what if I am scalped for a role as an MP in another party, get given VC millions?

How about the BAP program?

What would you as readers of my blog, and perhaps even Internet Party members do?

Don’t panic or get distracted. There are many bigger issues, flag changing, flag burning, water wars, asset sales, housing, immigration/jobs/education/investment for and against… but we need to get the details nailed so we can always be sure we will have a say.

I was opposed to the Israeli flag burning by the way. The dialogue as Ghandi put it, is so very important.

Kia Kaha




About James Abbott, RealWorld (@AbbottMaverick)

There are more visionaries than you have mentioned and more visions than visionaries. Many visions are shared but bubble up to the people with the cash to implement them. Often these people aren’t visionaries at all and delay the vision or cripple it in some fundamental way. I am a visionary. I came up with the ideas behind Ipod in 1998, Uber in 2003, Internet Party/Loomio in 2010, Fove in 2013. So what to do? Two things, first is tell everyone about them so that no one can claim it was theirs. The second, implement the vision as only the visionary can. Also, be aware that there are people in positions of trust in New Zealand, posing as ‘mentors’, ‘investors’, ‘patent clerks’, ‘lawyers’, and ‘bankers’ who will just rip you off and send your idea overseas. Use this to your advantage and build value for New Zealand, hence my proposal New Zealand iParty
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