Internet Party of New Zealand

My membership discussion regarding the Internet Party seems to revolve around two things they want to see

1) Remove Kim Dotcom
3) Show professional direction (that would include policy committee, assets committee, following constitution correctly and our democracy)

I agree that these two things would lead to another important milestone – being taken seriously by the other political parties and the greater New Zealand public.

While I can, I would like to represent the membership to the best of my ability on the executive of the Internet Party of New Zealand… and in New Zealand politics.

My latest post/response to the desire for a litmus test of political reality, you might like it?

I would recommend the Allegory of the Cave by Socrates, followed by a look at the Making of a Philosopher-King to arrive at the knowledge of Platonic Ideas. If you have a copy of ‘Philosophy made simple’ by Made Simple Books I thoroughly recommend reading the whole thing as soon as possible, though the pages I refer to here are PG180-183. ‘Those who genuinely desire knowledge must be trained to discover the Forms or universals in their minds. But, if, as has been previously claimed by Socrates, learning is not really possible, then the ‘education’ of the future philosopher-kings must be a peculiar process, which does not actually teach them. Instead, what will be done is to train them to recollect the knowledge that is, and always has been, within them.’ This excerpt is followed by sections on Reason, Arithmetic, Geometry, Solid Geometry and Astronomy, Harmonics, the Dialectic, Mathematics and the Dialectic, and Appearance and Reality and Descarte’s [failed] theory of discovering absolutely true knowledge… Contrast with the Maori concept of a chiefly education, perhaps using “Te Rauparaha: A New Perspective”. I am after all, the meetup captain for Porirua-Mana, as well as a member of the executive of the Internet Party of New Zealand, fighting to stay so, AND the aeroplane pilot who flew the folks around that banked (I can presume) Kim Dot Com’s cheque for John Banks… so my ‘experience’ and desire to keep the executive on/off the straight and narrow is constitutionally and democratically based from years of experience with a lot of very different types of people from all professions and walks of life.


About James Abbott, RealWorld (@AbbottMaverick)

There are more visionaries than you have mentioned and more visions than visionaries. Many visions are shared but bubble up to the people with the cash to implement them. Often these people aren’t visionaries at all and delay the vision or cripple it in some fundamental way. I am a visionary. I came up with the ideas behind Ipod in 1998, Uber in 2003, Internet Party/Loomio in 2010, Fove in 2013. So what to do? Two things, first is tell everyone about them so that no one can claim it was theirs. The second, implement the vision as only the visionary can. Also, be aware that there are people in positions of trust in New Zealand, posing as ‘mentors’, ‘investors’, ‘patent clerks’, ‘lawyers’, and ‘bankers’ who will just rip you off and send your idea overseas. Use this to your advantage and build value for New Zealand, hence my proposal New Zealand iParty
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3 Responses to Internet Party of New Zealand

  1. jomangee says:

    You have 1) and 3) — what’s 2) ?

    • jomangee says:

      But yes, on 1) – Kim dot Com is a very polarising figure. Some people who love the ideals of the Party don’t like him. Something to work on – as he got elected back into Exec by members — as did you James.

  2. Yes Jo, actually, I voted for him, but was expecting more dialogue with him and the rest of the existing executive, teamwork and transition management.
    Number 2) is being taken more seriously by the other political parties and the greater New Zealand public and should occur as a result of 1) and 3).

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